BlendBee started as an idea that I (Jamah) had, simply because of my love for tea. Always mixing different blends together, but never finding exactly what I wanted.  I found myself customizing my own blends at home, and learned that a lot of people wished they could do the same.  So I created a simple tool for you to custom design your own tea blends, in my Make Your Own section, as well as try the artisan tea blends I have designed.

I use the highest quality organic and wild-crafted ingredients sourced from small fair-trade farms worldwide. 

With a nutrition and cooking background, tea has been a large part of my life. Tea is used for so many different reasons… tea can be a healer, a comforter, a fat burner, a detoxer, a lover and a fighter 😉 . It can keep us awake and put us to sleep. So many uses, tea is simply amazing.

I’m happy to help you create your own custom blends. I also love creating custom tea blends for companies, spas, restaurants and the like. Please contact me about my wholesale program. Any questions you have, you’re welcome to contact me and the team at and we will be happy to help! We love our customers and strive to give you the best service ever.

So get creative, have fun, and blend your own custom brew just for you.

Cheers from Jamah & The Bee Team

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