Top 3 Benefits of Drinking Tea

Drinking tea in the morning, afternoon, or evening is one of the best things you can do for your health. While many people drink coffee, it is well known that coffee contains high level of caffeine and if you drink it too often, you can experience some of the side effects of too much caffeine intake. Most common side effects of caffeine are increased heart rate, headache, dizziness and anxiety.

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Stainless Steel Teapots Guide and Reviews

The stainless steel teapot is a relatively new arrival on the scene, in relation to the rich history that the humble teapot enjoys and it is not near as old as the cast iron teapot for example. There are differing opinions on who invented the first teapot; some credit this to the Chinese, others to the influence of Muslim coffeepots commonly used in European coffee houses during the mid-1600’s.

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What Does A Cup Of Tea Look Like Around The World?

Individual tastes and personal preferences in drinks of all kinds are something which both unites us and divides us.

From fruit-packed smoothies to piping hot chocolate, bottles of refreshing coca-cola to cooling iced coffee, we all have our favourites and will go out of our way to enjoy the beverage of our choosing.

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Can Certain Types of Tea Help You to Get a Great Night’s Sleep?

Tea is one of the nation’s favourite pre-bedtime drinks, and while for many it’s just become part of their daily for routine, there are those who swear that a cuppa before bed actually helps them fall asleep.

However, how true is it? There’s limited evidence to support that tea can help you sleep, but with so many people claiming it does, there must be some truth to it, right?

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