14 Health Benefits of Tea

14 Health Benefits of Tea

Tea has been around for thousands of years, and our ancestors probably knew more about its medicinal properties than we do but one thing is official – tea has some awesome health benefits. There’s boatloads of research supporting health benefits of tea.

Nowadays we use the term ‘tea’ liberally to describe many different kinds of herbal infusions and drinks, but not everything we refer to as tea is actually ‘Real Tea’.

…Wait! How do I know what Real Tea is?

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The Art of Preparing Medicinal Teas

The Art of Preparing Medicinal Teas (1)

Have you ever made herbal infusions? You might be thinking you haven’t, but chances are that you make them once or twice a day everytime you make tea.

You can always grab easy to prepare tea bags, but you probably won’t reap the rewards as much as if you prepare your own medicinal blends. Of course we love our convenience, but I personally love results even more. If you’re serious about learning how to brew medicinal teas then it is essential that you learn how to use dried herbs in decoctions and infusions.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for making our first year a great success!

We wanted to thank you with a 25% off coupon that will be good until Jan 31st 2015! code: HEALTHY2015

Start this new year off right by taking control of your health. Teas have been used for centuries to benefit health, vitality & wellness. There is a reason why it is the 2nd most consumed beverage on earth, next to water. Teas have a plethora of great benefits! At BlendBee you can create your own custom tea blends, so you can pinpoint the exact benefits you’re looking for.

Do you have a specific ailment you would like a custom tea blend for? Do you want to surprise a family member with a custom tea? Our tea expert is here to help you create the best custom blends, just email Jamah@blendbee.com.

Note from our tea expert Jamah: Not only will I help you choose the best ingredients for your custom tea blends. I will help you come up with fun and creative Names & Descriptions for your blends. We can quickly and easily customize the label together to create the best gift possible.

For custom blends please check out our Blending Station, or you can always shop our Popular Blends.

Happy New Year!!

Gifts for Tea Drinkers

With the Holidays drawing closer and closer, it’s time to finish up shopping before its too late. Of course, shopping for gifts is never easy. With so many different people to shop for, it’s difficult to decide who gets what.

We can’t take away all your holiday headaches, but we can help you in deciding what to give the tea drinkers in your family, and we all know every family has a ton of them!
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