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I often get asked "What are the best teas?" The simple answer is high quality organic loose leaf teas that are handled with care and handcrafted.

Tea has gained major popularity points in the last few decades, primarily because of it's many health benefits. All of the teas and ingredients here at BlendBee are grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals. They are of the highest quality loose leaf tea leaves you can find, and every blend is handcrafted to order by our small team. I assure you, you will be 100% satisfied with all of our tea blends.

If you want to try your hand at creating a blend, just head to our Build Your Own. Once you select your ingredients, we will create your custom blend. You also get to name your tea and add a description to the label, making it very fun and personal. This is fantastic for custom tea gifts!

Green and black tea are the best teas and has been touted to help you lose weight, ward off certain cancers and help your general well being.

There are many different types of green and black teas to choose from, all with their own flavors and benefits. Here at BlendBee we give you the option to create your own green tea blends, or you can just have it on it's own. Once in our Build Your Own, choose what size bag you would like, and then you can add your ingredients. If Green tea is your flavor of choice, we offer:

Black tea benefits:

Green tea benefits:

Red tea is fairly new to the States, but has been used for centuries.

My favorite red tea is Rooibos, it is earthy and rich and caffeine free. This is one of the best teas to create a lovely chai with. Rooibos is the best tea to add to any of your herbal blends and is even great for kids

Rooibos tea benefits:

The best teas are not as easy to find as you would hope. So many of the large commercial brands that appear to be healthy are actually filled with artificial flavors and aren't using the highest quality leaves, check your labels. Be aware that most bagged teas are of lesser quality as well, using the ground up sticks and roots. The actual grade for tea bagged tea is called "dust"... I doubt you want to drink a cup of dust. With a high quality loose leaf tea, you will be able to see the difference, more so, you will be able to taste the difference. When brewing loose leaf teas, you will also be gaining all the benefits that tea has to offer.

BlendBee was started to give the tea drinker more power over what they were drinking. You can always choose from our list of premade blends, which are teas we guarantee you will love. Or you can try your hand at being your own tea maker in our Custom Blend section.

If you ever have any questions regarding our teas, please email me directly at

Cheers! Jamah

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