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Matcha Tea Benefits -

Rich in both taste and cultural heritage, Matcha Tea is one of the worlds healthiest drinks.

Derived from the rich traditions of Japanese culture, Matcha tea has been enjoyed in the Far East for centuries. It made its way to the west not too long ago, and now it’s considered to be one of the most powerful super foods that are available in the market today.

Origin of Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is made from the tips of the young green tea leaves (Camellia Sinensis). Each green tea leaf is de-vined, steamed and stemmed before they are ready to be ground into powdered form. The powder is then stored in air-tight containers away from sunlight to preserve its natural goodness and fresh colors. Matcha tea is indeed special. It has enjoyed a prestigious reputation throughout history. The benefits associated with Matcha Tea are almost infinite. I have summarized the most prominent ones among them below:

Matcha Tea Benefits  

A little deeper into the benefits of Matcha:

Awesome Antioxidant Properties

Anti-oxidants are those awesome enzymes and nutrients that reduce the toxins in your body. By reducing the toxins they make you look younger; protect you from UV rays, and lower your risk of many life-threatening diseases. People who realize the power Anti-oxidants try to eat lots of raw fruits and leafy vegetables to strengthen their system. Matcha tea is incredible rich in antioxidants. One bowl of Matcha tea has 5 times more antioxidants than any other drink or food.

It Fights Cancer

You may not know this, but antioxidants come in different shapes and sizes. One of the strongest and most potent kinds of antioxidants is known as “catechins”. 60% of Matcha tea is composed of a particular catechin called EGCg, an antioxidant most widely known for fighting cancer. Matcha tea contains a hundred times more EGCg than other tea in the market, because you are ingesting the entire green tea leaf.

Calms the mind

For millenniums, Matcha tea was used by Japanese Buddhist monks, and Chinese Daoists before their meditation to keep their mind alert as they relaxed while they meditate. The alert state induced by Matcha tea is caused by a chemical amino acid L-Theanine which is present in the tea leaves. Studies have shown that Amino acid L-Theanine produces alpha waves in the brain that creates a feeling of relaxation without the added drowsiness. If you meditate, try it before your next session. You’ll see its magic in action.

Enhances Mood and Improves Memory

Another perk of having amino acid L-Theanine in your diet is that it induces the production of serotonin and dopamine. Both these chemicals are great because they generate positive vibes that enhance the mood, promote better concentration, and boost memory. We all need that now, don’t we?

Burns Calories

If you’re looking to lose weight, you should definitely include Matcha tea in your diet. Matcha tea will help you burn calories four times faster than average by boosting up your metabolism. Unlike diet supplements and other weight-loss pills available in the market, Matcha tea has no side effects like high blood pressure or heart rate. It is an organic & clean approach to weight loss. It works perfect with your healthy, clean living lifestyle.

Boosts Energy

As I said earlier, Matcha tea has deep roots in Japanese Traditions. Japanese Samurais used to drink Matcha tea before they went for battle because they felt more energized and motivated. While all drinks containing caffeine increase energy levels, the boost in energy given by Matcha tea is different because it is due to not just caffeine but a number of other nutritious constituents too. Unlike regular caffeine drinks, you will not feel nervousness (jitters) or hyper-tension after having a cup or bowl of Matcha Tea. The energy boost generated by Matcha tea is good and clean, with no strings attached.

Amazing Detoxifying Agent

The bright and vibrant green color of Matcha tea is due to the abundance of chlorophyll that it carries. Chlorophyll doesn’t just make Matcha tea look beautiful, it is a powerful detoxifying agent that naturally cleans your body of all impurities like chemical toxins and heavy metals. To ensure Matcha tea leaves produce plenty of cholorophyll, the tea leaves are covered and deprived of sunlight 3 weeks before they are harvested. Matcha tea is produced with a lot of care at every step.

Balances Cholesterol

Scientists aren’t sure about how Matcha tea does it, but studies conducted on different population groups show that Matcha tea lowers the bad cholesterol levels (LDL), and it causes the good cholesterol levels (HDL) to increase in people who drink it regularly. It helps keep your system in balance by maintaining proper cholesterol levels. People who drink Matcha tea regularly are less likely to develop heart diseases as compared to other people.

Boosts the immune System

Having a strong immune system can protect you from many common viruses and skin diseases like acne, chicken pox, measles and others. Like countless other benefits, Matcha tea also boosts your immunity system. One bowl of Matcha tea contains substantial quantities of Potassium, Proteins, Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin B &C. Studies have even argued that Matcha tea contains nutrients that can inhibit the attack of HIV on human T-Cells.

Amazing Flavor

Matcha tea is both miraculously nutritious, and amazingly delicious. You don’t need other herbs, lemon, or milk to make it taste good; it’s exquisite on its own. Its own crisp vegetative tastes combined with the crisp touch of amino acid makes it special in every way.

Green tea has been linked to stop hair loss, read more about that here.

Want a delicious Matcha Latte? mix it with almond or coconut milk and stevia then top with cinnamon for an amazing treat!

Most health drinks taste icky, but we drink them any way like a bad medicine to preserve our health. Isn’t it awesome to finally find something that isn’t just healthy, but it tastes good too?

At Blend Bee, we are very excited to offer you Organic & Ceremonial Grade Matcha 

Make it a habit, to have one bowl of Matcha tea daily. It’ll do wonders for your health.

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