• Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    A Creamy & Dreamy Delight! This comforting and delicious Honeybush blend is perfect to help you wind down and relax.
  • Tea Infuser with Carrying Case

    Tea Infuser with Carrying Case

    Enjoy your favorite tea everywhere you go! The stainless infuser
  • Wake Me Up

    Wake Me Up

    BEFORE YOU GO GO This orange vanilla infused black tea
  • Chai Ya!

    Chai Ya!

    Wake up and smell the chai, in your face! This super nutty & highly caffeinated chai blend is perfect to
  • A Cozy Cup

    A Cozy Cup

    Cosiness, happiness, comfort & kinship all wrapped up in one
  • Jasmine & Juniper

    Jasmine & Juniper

    A whimsical & woodsy blend with earthy and floral notes that will sweep you away. Jasmine Green Tea & Juniper berries
  • Té Amoré

    Té Amoré

    Love & Light... A lovely herbal tisane, created to inspire
  • Ginger & Lemon

    Ginger & Lemon

    A full bodied Tisane that will brighten your day! This Ginger and Lemon blend is intoxicating at first steep. Expertly
  • My Earl Grey

    My Earl Grey

    Find warmth & comfort in Earl Grey A rich &
  • Hidden Meadow

    Hidden Meadow

    An organic bed of greens surrounded by dreamy marshes and

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