Updated October 13, 2019

New site means a few changes. We are working on fixing things to make it the best ever! Please be patient, I truly appreciate your continued support while addressing issues with the new site.

Much Love,

Below are some of the most common questions/concerns we're receiving:

My discount code isn't working, I have custom teas in my cart?

Currently, if you have any custom blends in your cart, the discount coupons aren't working. This is because we used an app to build the custom blend section, and the site isn't "seeing" it as a product. We are working on a fix now.

Work-around: I have discounted the custom teas (2oz+), place a separate order for customs (until we fix this issue). So sorry, new site means we are going to run into a couple snags!

I'm trying to login to my account, but it's gone?

Yes, unfortunately moving from Woocommerce to Shopify, we couldn't properly transfer your previous customer accounts over. We do still have access to all of your previous orders. Feel free to email support@blendbee if you would like us to email your past orders.

I want to build a blend I made in the past?

In the custom section, just select "No, I'd like to reorder a blend I already purchased." We still have ALL the ingredients we used to have, and all of your recipes on file. We just need to know the name of the tea you're wanting us to remake.

There used to be more ingredients to select from?

With the new site we narrowed down the most popular ingredients used in the past 5 years. We do still have all the ingredients we had previously. You are welcome to add ingredients you don't see in the notes section.

We do have a strict rule of 10 max ingredients, so just be sure you're not over that number when adding more to the notes.

I'm a monthly tea subscriber, do I have to resign up?

Yes, you need to sign up again. We don't have access to payments, so you will need to sign back up. This new monthly club offers you more flexibility with your account. You can select frequency, and also be able to update it at your leisure. Check your inbox, I sent instructions for signing up with a new account, along with a code for you, my loyal subscribers, to use. If you can't find the email, shoot me a message suppport@blendbee.com.

You will be charged immediately at sign-up, this will be held until the next shipment. I will adjust your payment schedule accordingly so you are charged on the 1st of the month thereafter, unless you request a different date to be charged. 

You used to have ModestMix Teas (NSFW) on BlendBee?

Yes, that is my cheeky sister company, with titles like "Chai F******* Harder" & "Filthy Mofo". I chose to keep the brands separate. You can find ModestMix Teas on ModestMix.com or on Esty. These are hilarious personalized gifts! Follow on Instagram & Facebook

Do you offer free shipping?

Of course we do!

How long will my order take to ship?

How do I reorder my custom blend?

I put more than 10 ingredients in my custom tea, what now?

There are so many ingredients to choose from, what do I do?

I don’t know what to put in my custom blend, can you help me?

Yes! Happy to help!
Email: support@blendbee.com
Subject: Help with custom tea blend
Include in email:

  1. What type of tea are you looking to create?
  2. Any special benefits you’re after?
  3. Flavors you love?

My favorite tea was discontinued, can you help me recreate it?

We will do our best, but can't guarantee it! Mind you, a lot of other companies use artificial flavors and additives to their blends to make them taste a certain way. We don’t carry those ingredients. We may be able to nail the blend, or get close to it. Just know, our version is going to be made with only the highest quality ingredients. No artificial flavors, no sugars, etc.

Why don’t you have fruit as one of your custom options?

Dried fruits (ie. apple pieces, strawberry pieces, etc) are only in tea blends for looks. Those blends you have had filled with fruit pieces are always sprayed with a flavor extracts. We will more than likely have the organic flavor extract you’re after. Try steeping a couple tiny pieces of apple or some raisins in water, you’ll quickly learn, no flavor is derived. If you want strawberry tea, add strawberry extract.

Can I add a name to my label on premade blends?

YES! First name's or nicknames work best as they are used within the description of the label. Every product has a "Personalize your label (first name)" option. 

How do you ship?

USPS First Class (2-5 days): Best option for under a pound
USPS Priority (2-3 days): Automatically applied to orders over a pound
USPS Priority Mail Express (1-2 days)

Do you offer shipping through UPS or FedEx?

Hold that thought, we are working on it.

Do you offer a wholesale program?

We do offer wholesale to businesses, please contact support@blendbee.com. We are happy to work with your company creating your own personalized tea blends. We also have many businesses that sell our teas (coffee shops, tea shops, student stores, etc.).

Any other questions you may have, please send them to support@blendbee.com. Thanks, and hope your day is Tea-riffic!!