Best Teas for Fall

Brisk weather, colors changing and the Holidays all within reach. Fall is a favorite season for many. The best teas and ingredients to make you just want to cozy up in your favorite sweater.

Certain smells will warm your heart and your toes this time of year... and nothing is nicer than being able to cozy up to a warm cup of tea. If you are a lover of tea, you will find that your tea tastes may change just like the season. Here is a list of teas that are especially warming and lovely during this wonderful time of year.

Our favorite Premade Fall blends (yes, yes, I know, there are a lot of favorites):

The (long) list above are all super warming, yummy and cozy! Want to get creative? Try your hand at designing your own best tea for fall! Use the Custom Blend section and have some fun :) Here are some of our favorite fall ingredients you will find in our Custom Blend section:


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hibiscus -

peppercorn -

cardamom -

cinnamon -

cacao nibs -

cocoa -

cloves -

ginger -

licorice root -

orange peel -

peppermint -

stevia leaf -

natural flavor extracts -

Oolong tea:

Oolong should be in a class of it's own as it dances between the lighter tastes of green tea and the bold flavors of black tea. It has an inherent nuttiness and blends very well with most all other ingredients. Some of the best flavors to add with oolong are peppermint, hibiscus, cacao nibs, cloves and licorice root.

Rooibos tea:

Rooibos is a beautiful earthy red tea, that is also caffeine free. It has a distinct rich and earthy flavor with a slight sweetness. Rooibos is often the base of many spiced chai blends. It melds perfectly with other rich, warm spices like: all-spice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, orange peel, peppercorn and licorice root.


Hibiscus is a dream flower for tea. Not only does it emit an enchanting crimson color, it adds a lovely tartness to your blends. Some drink hibiscus purely on it's own for it's plethora of health benefits. It can truly be added to nearly every tea blend to give it a fresh fruity type flavor. It is complimented very well with natural sweeteners like licorice root and stevia leaf.


We all know the distinct spiciness of peppercorn, and often associate it to cooking savory dishes. We put pepper on nearly everything from soups to salads. What about adding peppercorn to your tea blends? It is an awesome addition to warm your belly and entice your taste buds. Obviously, peppercorn tea alone wouldn't be so appetizing, so have fun mixing into black and red tea blends. It also adds a delicious kick to chai tea blends as well.


Cardamom is a very rich spice that is used all over the world and comes from the ginger family. It dances flawlessly between sweet and savory dishes. It is also the star player in most chai tea blends, as it's aroma and flavor are intoxicating to your senses. This lovely spice plays very well with it's other spice counterparts, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, all-spice, ginger and licorice root.


Cinnamon is a flavor and scent that may bring you back to your childhood, especially around the holidays with spiced apple cider and pie. It adds a lovely dimension to any tea blend, especially when paired with cacao nibs, cocoa, cardamom, cloves, all-spice, licorice root and all black teas.

Cacao Nibs:

Cacao nibs are derived directly from the whole cacao bean, and broken into smaller pieces. They have a lovely chocolate flavor and are often eaten as a snack all by themselves. They are not sweet like processed chocolate, this is true raw chocolate in it's finest form. When added to tea blends it carries a rich flavor and is best to also add stevia leaf or licorice root to bring out the chocolate sweetness your heart desires.

ocoa Powder:

Who doesn't love a warm cup of hot cocoa? Did you know you could add cocoa powder to your tea blends to give it that cocoa kick? Have you ever tried cocoa powder mixed with peppermint? It is like drinking a calorie free peppermint patty. Cocoa powder can be mixed with any black or red tea. This is often used in children's tea blends as it is very comforting and a total treat. Always add licorice root, which doesn't taste like licorice, just adds a nice sweetness to the cocoa. Or you can add stevia leaf to give it sweetness.


Cloves are bold in flavor with a sweet and aromatic taste. They have been used in cooking for centuries and also play a lovely role in tea. Cloves are often one of the star ingredients in spiced chai blends, and have a very distinct aroma. They work very well with other warm spices like all-spice, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon.


Ginger is a slightly sweet, and pungent spice. It is wonderful to add to your cooking to bring out fresh and spicy flavors. Within tea, ginger will linger on your taste buds and brighten up any of the other warm spices like all-spice, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Ginger has been used as a digestion aid for centuries and is often drank after meals, especially rich meals during the holidays.

Licorice root:

Licorice root, also known as "sweet root" has been used in cooking and teas for centuries. Often times people will scoff at it if they don't like licorice. Fear not though, licorice root doesn't taste like licorice when added to tea blends. It is natures sweetener and holds many health benefits. If you really want a licorice flavor to your tea, add anise seed instead.

Orange peel:

The scent of sweet oranges makes us feel warm and happy. It is beautiful in any tea blend creating color and texture. Orange peel is widely used in cooking and tea blends across the globe and mixes very well with all teas and spices. You can't go wrong adding this pop of flavor to your blends.


Peppermint may be mostly linked to wintertime teas as it reminds us of candy canes. Though it also represents the crisp air of Autumn. Peppermint is an all-star in tea blends and will really take over the flavor. It can be mixed with just about every flower, tea, spice and fruit to add a minty touch. A wonderful morning tea is peppermint mixed with black tea and licorice root. It will put some pep in your step when you are going out to face the cold.

Stevia Leaf:

Stevia leaf has been used for centuries as a sweetener. This lovely little leaf packs a huge sweet flavor profile. A tiny bit goes a long way as it has been stated to be 30 times sweeter than sugar. Adding stevia leaf to your Fall tea blends is a no brainer. It will help curb your sweet tooth without the calories. It is an all natural and healthy little plant that is adored by many. For a super sweet blend, add stevia leaf along with licorice root to your favorite spices, herbs and teas. It will be like having dessert in a warm mug without the guilt.

Natural Flavors:

We all love apple, orange, vanilla & chocolate flavor in our tea blends. Flavor extracts are used to create these memorable scents and flavors. Often times you will find artificial flavors in tea blends (read the ingredients carefully). Try your best to avoid artificial and look primarily for natural flavors.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on your favorite Fall teas, please share them with us!

Cheers, Jamah

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