Can Certain Types of Tea Help You to Get a Great Night’s Sleep?

Tea is one of our favorite night time drinks to help us wind-down.

Let's take a look at some of the plants and herbs which go into bedtime teas to see how effective they are.



Chamomile is the most popular tea to drink before heading off to bed and is found in the majority of bedtime tea brands. Some people even brew their own by taking the plants and drying them out. The flavor is very calming, and great for kids as well!


Evidence behind valerian, as outlined by, shows that this "very smelly" root works for rest. This herb has been used for centuries to aid sleep and anxiety, and according to the European Medicines Agency, there is a substantial body of evidence to say that these old theories are plausible. Made using the root of the herb, valerian tea might have to be drunk for a number of weeks before its effects are felt. Honestly though, it smells and tastes like gym socks. This is best used in capsul form.


While not as common as chamomile or valerian, there has also been some evidence to support the idea that lavender can help you get to sleep, as this Wall Street Journal article tentatively explains. You can also check out this great resource on how to make lavender oil from Happy DIY Home.

Lemon Balm

While lemon balm may explicitly help you get to sleep, it can definitely help with relaxation, hence why it is used in sleep-aiding teas. Plus it is pretty tasty and works well with most other flowers and herbs.


While peppermint is usually used to give energy and help ease stomach issues, it is found in some bedtime teas.


Kava is another anti-anxiety supplement, but it’s another which doctors have expressed some concerns over, so make sure to do your research before purchasing any tea that has it. We don't carry it for the reasons of adverse effects.

In The End...

So, can tea actually help you get to sleep? The answer really varies from person to person, for us, the answer is a resounding YES. It seems that the consensus is that while tea can definitely help you relax and wind down into a state ready for sleep. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a nice cup of relaxing tea at the end of the day, and if it helps you sleep, then it’s definitely worth a try!

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