Custom Tea Blend - FAQ

Have you been looking to design your own custom tea blend? You're in the right place!

Here at BlendBee you can create your very own custom tea blend in our Custom blend section.

It is simple and fun to design a custom tea blend, we should know, we have been doing it for years! It is the heart of our company. We love tea, and often found that we couldn't find the exact blends we were looking for. In our build your own custom blend section you can create any type of mix your heart desires. Once you're building your own blend, you can choose from a large variety of different ingredients, although we recommend that you don't add more than 10 total ingredients to a single blend. Here are some frequently asked questions while creating a custom tea blend...

What type of tea do I want?

Do you want it to contain caffeine or be an herbal blend? If you want caffeine, then choose from our list of Black, Green & White teas. These blends have 40 - 70mg of caffeine per serving, which is less than 1/2 the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. If you want a caffeine free blend, you can choose Rooibos (Red Tea), or just scroll down the plethora of herbs, spices and flowers to choose from.

How do I know what will taste good together?

We have provided a flavor profile for each of the ingredients to help. More importantly, our tea expert will be designing your custom blend once you choose your ingredients. If we feel the ingredients you have chosen are totally gross together, we will let you know.

What if I want a tea specifically for boosting my metabolism?

That is easy, just scroll (ctrl:f - weight loss or metabolism) and find the ingredients that boost metabolism and support weight loss. Choose up to 10 ingredients to create your own custom weight loss tea. This works for all the benefits: Detoxing, Skin, Hair Health, Oral Health, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Relaxation and more. Tea has been used for centuries to help cure what ails you.

I want my tea to be sweet, so I don't have to add any sugar, is that possible?

Be sure to add either Licorice Root and/or Stevia Leaf to your blend, these are calorie free and all natural sugar alternatives. In the "Notes" section let the tea expert know that you like your tea extra sweet.

I love my tea to taste extra fruity, which ingredients work best?

For a super fruity custom tea blend, we recommend adding Hibiscus, Rose Hips,  Lemon Peel. All have a natural fruity flavor. You can also add Natural fruit flavor extracts to your blend, to really add a flavor pop.

Why don't you have actual fruit as an ingredient to choose from, like apples and strawberries?

Simply put, fruit pieces don't actually make your tea taste like the fruit. Try adding a few dried cranberries to boiling water and steeping them for 10 minutes. When you drink the "tea" you will find it does not have a cranberry taste. Fruit is generally added to tea blends to make them look pretty, not actually make them taste fruity. In reality all those tea blends that you see pieces of fruit in are for looks, they always add a flavor extract to the teas and often that added flavoring is artificial. At BlendBee we only use natural organic flavors (nothing artificial), they are flavor concentrates from the fruit. So if you want a raspberry tea, choose our natural raspberry flavor.

I am making this tea as a gift, can I name it whatever I want?

Absolutely! That is one of the fun features, you get to name your tea, and even add a description. You can name it anything you want! This is great for a custom gift. You can make it funny, serious, sexy... it doesn't matter. It is your tea and you can have it your way.

What if I don't like my tea?

Start small, order our sample size, this will give you a taste of your custom blend. Once you're happy with your creation, order in the larger sizes.

Making your own custom tea blend is really fun! Get creative, have fun and enjoy your tea, your way!


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