How to Make Loose Leaf Tea

My favorite thing on a cold morning is a nice mug of hot tea. I used to be more of a coffee drinker, until I learned the benefits of tea. Tea is super healthy, and it’s just what I need to kick start my day. I am not the only one addicted to my daily tea. People have been drinking tea for centuries.  Let's take a look at loose leaf tea, its benefits, and how to make it...

Many ancient cultures have used different varieties of tea brewed from barks, roots, and leaves for both social and medicinal purposes. Tea was relished by both nobles and commoners alike. Today, tea is still as popular as ever; only one thing has changed: People have shifted from loose leaf tea to tea bags. Mostly because tea bags are quick and easy-to-use, but what most people fail to understand is that tea bags can never replicate the fresh and superb taste produced by loose leaf tea. Also, there is a liability on the environment. Billions of teabags are used and disposed each year; often they aren’t recyclable so they mostly end up adding waste to the landfills.

If you really must have a quick cup of tea then use a reusable Muslin Tea bag instead. This way, you won’t just save the environment you’ll be saving a couple of bucks too. I prefer to use Muslin Tea bags because they’re economical and environmentally friendly. I don’t need a new tea bag for every cup I make, I can use the same bag over and over again after washing it. Secondly, Muslin tea bags can be filled with any blend of loose leaf tea that I like. I can’t do it with regular tea bags can I? It is really easy to pack up a couple muslin tea bags for when I go to work, I keep a fresh bag of loose leaf tea in my desk. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it's also much better quality. There is a clear quality difference when you use loose leaf tea vs. bagged tea.

Why do I prefer Loose Leaf tea over tea bags?

There are many reasons why I like loose leaf tea more than tea bags; the following four are the most important ones:
  1. I can enjoy many diverse varieties of tea by mixing and matching different teas and herbs from my loose leaf tea collection. I can even grow different herbs, flowers, and seeds for my tea in my garden.
  2. Loose leaf tea is less often less expensive than buying tea bags. This is pretty interesting, because the premium part of the tea plant is saved for loose leaf, whereas the scrubs and broken bits are ground up and used to fill tea bags. So you are basically paying more money for crappier tea when you buy bagged teas.
  3. I am able to choose the exact amount of tea I want to brew, whether it be a very small cup or a full french press worth.
  4. Loose leaf tea helps both my health and the environment. I can see what I'm drinking and know that I am getting the health benefits from each of the ingredients in my tea. With bagged tea, it is a mystery.

My favorite way to brew loose leaf tea... in a French Press 

There’s not much that goes into brewing a perfect cup of tea. All you need is a good French Press, hot water and some fresh loose leaf tea leaves. French Press also known as a tea press or coffee press was originally developed for coffee, but later it made its way into the realm of tea. There are many tools and equipment that you can use for infusing your tea leaves, but none is as simple and as effective as the French Press.

Tea Leaves

There are plenty of different flavors of fresh tea leaves that you can find on Blendbee. For my morning tea, I usually have black tea or yerba mate, but I experiment different blends for my evening tea. I also drink benefit blends throughout my day. I will typically fill my daily water needs with herbal tea.

Hot Water

You can easily boil water on your stove, but if you want to simplify the whole process you can buy an automatic Kettle. Spring water is ideal to use, if you don't have access to Spring water, try and at least used filtered water. The cleaner and more pure your water, the better tasting your tea will be.

How to make Loose Leaf Tea in a French Press:

Brewing tea in a French Press is one of the simplest ways of making tea. Using a Press does not require anything special, but it lets you do some unique things that add more to your tea than any other modern tea brewing method.

Step 1: Boil Water

Boil water on your stove or in your kettle. You will want to stop the water just before boiling. Or let it sit a minute or two after it has boiled.

Step 2: Measure your tea

While your water boils, measure 1 teaspoon (3g) tea per 8 ounces of water. A full french press is typically 32 ounces or 1 quart. I will use 5 teaspoons of tea for a full pot. Just drop the tea leaves into the french press.

Step 3: Pour 

Pour the nearly boiling water into the press submerging your tea leaves. Just like any other method of brewing tea, the hot water will help the leaves spread out and open up. Keep the plunger of the french press up. You will press it down once the steeping is done.

Step 4: Steeping

Let the leaves dance in the water. This is opening up all your leaves and herbs and releasing their flavors and benefits. Follow the directions of your loose leaf tea. Most teas will steep for 5-7 minutes. Don't over steep your teas, especially green & white teas as they take on a bitter taste when steeped too long.

Step 5: Plunge and Pour

Once steeped, press down the plunger. Even once the plunger is down, the tea will still continue to brew. Bring in your mugs, and serve it up.

Did you know that you can brew loose tea leaves more than once?

Not only can loose tea leaves be brewed multiple times, it’s interesting to note that subsequent cups will yield not only different flavors but more nutrition too. If you want to brew your tea leaves a second time, just continue to add more of water of same temperature over them. If you plan to brew your tea leaves multiple times don’t empty your cup completely. Leave a little bit of water over your leaves to strengthen your next brew. If you have never had loose leaf tea before, I suggest you try it. You may be surprised at how much you love it. Muslin tea bags & French presses make brewing loose leaf teas very easy! Enjoy!


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