Kombucha Health Fad or Here to Stay? (Plus How to Make It)

So you love tea in some or all of its forms. But what about kombucha? If you’ve never heard of it or think you understand it, you might discover you have lots to learn.

Kombucha is simply tea that’s been fermented and sometimes flavored. The fermenting process adds loads of good-for-you elements.

A finished kombucha drink can provide health benefits in the form of antioxidants and probiotics. You’ll find this drink all over, especially in health food stores.

The problem is, pre-made bottles are pricey—but making it at home is not. The key is to follow particular steps to create a product that’s good for you and safe to drink. Those include following key brewing and storing steps, as well as understanding the kombucha’s SCOBY—the crucial element that is just extra yeast and bacteria. Making your own kombucha also allows you to experiment in interesting ways—adding it to dressing or using it in a beauty routine.

We offer the perfect kombucha loose leaf tea blend for your homemade buch' along with instructions. Just search - kombucha - on blendbee.

This fun infographic explains the basics and offers inspiring kombucha info you’ll want to use—today.

Source: Fix.com

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