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Local Reno-Tahoe Gift Guide

Shop Local this Holiday Season!
Check out this curated list of makers and handcrafters of artisan goods
from right here in the Sierra Mountains.
Let's support local, and spread love to our community.

Refuge Coffee with Jared Marquez

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Website | Instagram

At Refuge Coffee, we believe that coffee is meant to be an experience and an
adventure–something that helps us savor life and get back out to live it to the fullest.
With roots in South Lake Tahoe and a deep love for people, our mission is to
share the beauty and adventure of life through our brand,
and through excellent coffee.


 Geollennial with Erin

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Etsy Shop | Instagram 

Erin at Geollennial, is a Millennial Geologist with a passion for creating jewelry
with one of a kind minerals that she collects from all over the world.
Each piece is designed to be precious, unique and beautiful, just like YOU!


Lunavada Art by Jamie Darraugh

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Website | Instagram

Lunavada collective is a woman owned art and home design business,
started in 2017 by Jamie Darragh. These unique pieces of art are inspired
by the high desert in Nevada and by the artist's love of the moon.


Cerametwoo Decors by Micheal & Jennie Robin

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Website | Etsy Shop | Instagram

Michael and Jennie Robin started Cerametwoo Decors, a home-based business
in Reno,NV, in the Spring of 2018. They only have one thing in mind, the love for
plants. Cerametwoo Decors get their product designs manufactured as well as
hand craft planters in-house particularly the concrete planters and macramé hangers.
After a year running their small business, the couple recently expanded their
e-commerce shop to include plants. Selling plants is their ultimate goal.
Select products are available for wholesale.


POPGASM by Kim Huynh

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Etsy Shop | Instagram

Kim, creator of POPGASM is a portrait illustrator and designer, based in Reno,
Nevada. Her art is inspired by pop-culture figures both dead and alive and
transforms them into a modern and colorful adaptation.  Some of her clients
include collaborations with 47 Brand where she designed promotional posters of
music artists Betty Who, Travis Scott and Twenty- One Pilots for the 2019 Boston
Calling Music Festival. 
She has since launched an Etsy shop of her own featuring
portraits on various products across art prints and home decor goods. 
Struggling to find a unique and colorful Xmas gift for your loved one?
POPGASM also offers commissioned couple portraits including a free 11"x17” poster!


Flow Designs by Kristen

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Website | Instagram

Flow Designs is a fun, upbeat, residential wellness interior design studio located
in the heart of Reno, Nevada. We offer in-home design services, workshops,
and interactive creative studio space for you to see fabrics, art, and custom furniture.
Flow Designs works with clients to simplify their space and the things
in their homes to only have the essentials needed and removing the attachments
to material things to create a balance and have a home that exemplifies wabi-sabi
and a happy and healthy home. One of the unique highlights that Flow Designs
brings to Northern Nevada is the exclusive partnership that is carried with
eco friendly, environmentally sourced companies:
Rowe Furniture is one of them! It’s kind of a big “dill”!


Ceramics by Quinn Lowery

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Etsy Shop | Instagram 

My name is Quinn Lowrey. I'm a local ceramicist who has been making ceramics
for a number of years now. I started in high school and really developed a passion
for ceramics in college. I was born in Grass Valley, California, and moved to Reno
about 7 years ago. I'm a member at The Wedge Ceramics Studio.
My pieces can be found for purchase there, on my Etsy or Instagram.


Two Broads Design by Jennifer Obritsch

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Etsy Shop | Instagram | Facebook

I love what I do, this amazing business allows me to stay home with my kiddos
and make a good income for my family at the same time.
I love getting to be a part of so many special occasions.
I started this Business out of my garage making personalized hangers.
I now employ 3 amazing employees who are part of the family.


Last but not least... shop with us!

BlendBee Tea with Jamah Dacus

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Website | Instagram | Facebook

Jamah at Blendbee is a tea maker, and designs unique artisan tea blends,
which you can have personalized. She also offers a fun 'Build Your Own' section,
which invites anyone to delightfully experiment in creating their own perfect tea
blend. We pride ourselves in carrying ingredients that are organic or wild-crafted
and sourced from many unique small fair-trade farms worldwide.

The perfect personalized gift for the
tea lover in your life.
Shipping is free over $25,
typically ships in 24-48 hours.


Help us shop small this Holiday Season!

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