What Does A Cup Of Tea Look Like Around The World?

Individual tastes and personal preferences in drinks of all kinds are something which both unites us and divides us. From fruit-packed smoothies to piping hot chocolate, bottles of refreshing coca-cola to cooling iced coffee, we all have our favourites and will go out of our way to enjoy the beverage of our choosing. Many drinks are at least partly localised, while others are truly global. Take Coca-Cola as one of the greatest examples. This soft drink is just about the most popular soft drink in the world, with over 1.8 billion bottles and cans consumed every single day. In contrast, Scotland is just about the only example where it is beaten by another. Irn Bru, the most popular soft drink in the Highlands, as you can read in this piece from the Scotsman Online. Despite the unbelievable popularity of Coca-Cola, it actually isn’t the most popular drink on planet Earth, that title belongs to something else. Aside from water, the reigning king of the drinks world is tea. Tea is enjoyed the world over and at least part of the reason for this is the variety of different teas available. The standard tea bag, as we know it, is but one of the many types of tea drunk around the world. Take a look at this great infographic created by silverdoor.co.uk below to see just how much it differs. ‘What Does A Cup Of Tea Look Like Around The World’ explores a wide range of examples, from the classic British cup of tea to the Argentinian yerba mate, from Moroccan green tea to the Tibetan butter tea Po Cha and many more. Take a look through for yourself and who knows, you might stumble across your new favourite hot or cold drink of choice. tea-around-the-world

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