Why Choose BlendBee?


Hey tea enthusiasts and flavor pioneers! Buckle up because we're about to take you on a journey through the magical world of custom loose leaf tea blending. Picture this: You, the tea maestro, concocting your own brew of happiness, one leaf at a time. Welcome to the enchanting realm of BlendBee, where your tea dreams come steeping to life!

A Sip of History: Brewing Brilliance Since 2014

In the grand year of 2014, BlendBee was born – a brainchild designed to make your tea-drinking experience truly yours. Created by tea aficionado Jamah Dacus, her custom tea tool is your passport to the aromatic wonderland of personalized tea blends. Whether you're blending for medicinal purposes, chasing exotic flavor profiles, or concocting delightful tea party favors, BlendBee is your trusted tea companion.

The BlendBee Buzz: What Sets Us Apart

Wondering what makes BlendBee the bee's knees of tea blending? We're here to spill the tea! First off, we boast the most comprehensive custom loose leaf tea blending tool in the market. We're not just another tea brand; we're your tea partner in crime, helping you craft the perfect cuppa tailored to your taste buds.

With over 80 organic ingredients and 15 organic flavor extracts to choose from, you're the captain of this tea ship. From the soothing notes of chamomile to the zesty dance of citrus, your flavor palette is the limit. Feeling bold? Throw in a sprinkle of sage or a dash of eucalyptus. The power is in your hands, or should we say, in your tea infuser!

Sip, Label, Repeat: Your Blend, Your Label

When you brew with BlendBee, it's not just about what's inside the cup – it's also about what's outside. Get ready to be the mastermind behind your very own tea empire. Each custom blend comes with a personalized label, allowing you to name your creation and provide a brief description. Badass Blend? Why not! Potatoes & Molasses? Get creative! Pour me a cup!

Brew-tifully Simple Reordering

We get it; once you find your perfect blend, you'll want it in your life forever. That's why BlendBee keeps all your tea-rrific recipes on file. Reordering is as simple as sipping on a cup of chamomile before bedtime. Just a few clicks, and your favorite blend is on its way to your tea sanctuary.


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