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Maté + Moringa + Mint



Self-care the mmmph out of today! Today is all about YOU. Give yourself all the feels.

  • *Yerba mate green energy
  • *Moringa leaf
  • *Peppermint
  • *Spearmint
  • *Ashwagandha root (indian ginseng)
  • *Holy tulsi trinity (rama + vana + krishna)
  • Contains Caffeine – *organic


  1. Add 1 tsp (3g) tea per 8 oz near boiling water (150°F -180°F).
  2. Using a tea infuser or reusable bag
  3. Steep for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Tea can turn bitter if steeped too long.  

Cold Brew: 

  1. Add 1 tsp (3g) tea per 8 oz cold water in jar or pitcher.
  2. Refrigerate 6-12 hours.
  3. Strain and serve.
  4. Cold-brew a small batch to taste test, not all blends are delicious cold-brewed. 


Yerba Mate: Rich and earthy with grassy finish

  • Aids digestion
  • Enhances physical endurance
  • Improves memory & concentration
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals
  • Improves sleep
  • Supports healthy weight loss

Moringa Leaf: Similar taste to Matcha, slight bitter, slightly sweet.

  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals
  • Rich in Amino Acids
  • May help reduce inflammation
  • May Protect Against Arsenic Toxicity
  • Protects the Liver
  • Good for the Stomach (constipation, gas, bloating)
  • Helps in Weight Management
  • Good for Detoxification
  • Good for Nervous System

    Peppermint: Strong mint profile

    • Aids Digestion
    • Helps with Menstrual pain, PMS, Bloating
    • Lowers Stress
    • Relieves Nausea
    • Relieves Stomach Pain
    • Strengthens Immune System

    Spearmint: Minty, refreshing and mellow

    • Aids digestion
    • Relieves nausea
    • Helps cold symptoms
    • Helps headaches
    • Can reduce androgen levels
    • Has been used to reduce acne
    • May help balance hormones

    Ashwagandha Root (Indian Ginseng): Mildly bitter and earthy

    • Boosts Energy
    • Helps Fight Cancer
    • Protects Brain Cells
    • Reduces Anxiety
    • Relieves Stress
    • Strengthens Immune System

    Holy Tulsi Trinity (Rama, Krishna, Vana): Native to India, holy basil is also known as tulsi, which means “the incomparable one.” Holy Basil has a lemon like scent and flavor, herbaceous and full bodied. Does not taste like your typical garden basil. Used in Ayurvedic medicines and tinctures. 

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Radio-protective
    • Increases endurance
    • Reduces the negative effects of stress
    • Rich in Anitoxidants
    • Decreases incidence of gastric ulcer
    • Lowers the stress-induced release of adrenal hormones and assists in the normalization of cortisol
    • Enhances endocrine function, increases physical performance
    • Reduces oxidative stress, modulates inflammation (COX-2 inhibition)
    • Protects the liver
    • Promotes eye health
    • Normalizes blood pressure
    • Nourishes the cardiovascular system, inhibits platelet aggregation/ profound antiatherogenic effect, normalizes lipids
    • Balances blood sugar and insulin metabolism
    • Anticancer and antioxidative: protects against radiation and chemotherapy-induced damage


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