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Turmeric Infused Citrus Ginger Mix



Bask in the sunshine, drink the wild air.

invite all of your senses to brighten with this healing mix of
Ginger + Citrus + Lemongrass + Turmeric

  • *Ginger root
  • *Turmeric Root Powder
  • *Lemongrass
  • *Orange Peel
  • *Lemon Peel
  • *Licorice Root (a pinch)
  • *Orange natural flavor extract
  • *Lemon natural flavor extract
  • Caffeine free – *organic


  1. ​​Add 1/2 - 3/4 tsp (3g) tea per 8 oz near boiling water (180°F -212°F).
  2. Using a tea infuserreusable bag or tea straw.
  3. Steep for 5-15 minutes
  4. Beware when brewing: Turmeric has a gorgeous golden hue that will stain just about everything.

Cold Brew: 

  1. Add 1/2 - 3/4 tsp (3g) tea per 8 oz cold water in jar or pitcher.
  2. Refrigerate 6-12 hours.
  3. Strain and serve.
  4. Cold-brew a small batch to taste test, not all blends are delicious cold-brewed.


    Ginger Root: Zesty, pungent and warm

    • Aids Digestion
    • Combats Stomach Discomfort
    • Improves Absorption of Nutrients
    • Reduces Appetite
    • Strengthens Immune System

    Turmeric: Savory, key ingredient in curry. Bright yellow in color and bitter in taste.

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Support of detoxification
    • Decreased cancer risk
    • Improves Cognitive function
    • Balances Blood Sugar levels
    • Improves Kidney function
    • Lessens severity of Arthritis
    • Rich in Anti-oxidants
    • May help prevent Alzheimers
    • Helps with Osteoarthritis

    Lemongrass: Mild lemon profile

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Controls Blood Sugar
    • Helps Fight Cancer
    • Rich in Antioxidants
    • Supports Liver Health

    Orange Peel: Mild orange profile

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Lowers Cholesterol
    • Reduces Appetite
    • Supports Weight Loss
    • Stabilizes Blood Sugar

    Lemon Peel: Mild lemon profile

    • Helps Depression
    • Helps Fight Cancer
    • Improves Bone Health
    • Lowers Cholesterol
    • Promotes Healthy Skin & Hair
    • Promotes Weight Loss
    • Rich in Antioxidants

      Licorice Root: Sweet root, very mild licorice flavor

      • Aids Digestion
      • Helps Depression
      • Helps PMS & Bloating
      • Natural Sweetener
      • Supports Healthy Skin
      • Supports Weight Loss


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